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Our Solutions

We offer a number of specific solutions for the medical cannabis industry in Latin America, with emphasis on financing the acquisition of operational assets through innovative and appropriate products that drive the development of the industry for the long term.

All These solutions apply to companies legally constituted and with licenses of operation issued and approved by the regulatory entities of each country:

  1. Financing Lines for the acquisition of productive assets

    We offer financing lines at competitive rates for the acquisition of productive assets required for the production and operation of medical cannabis companies, whether dedicated to primary production, the production of oils and products of value added, and/or productive assets required for vertical integration of the industry.
    Through our partners and affiliated companies, we offer technical advice that allows companies to identify the most appropriate and efficient technologies to ensure long-term success.

  2. Purchase or Leaseback of current assets of companies in operation

    We offer the opportunity for companies to free up working capital to finance their growth through the sale or lease back of their buildings, land or productive equipment with competitive financing conditions.

  3. Purchase, construction and operation of productive assets

    Based on our experience in the industry, we offer the option to design, build, finance and/or operate production facilities, backed up in long-term leases.

  4. Working Capital Loans

    We offer Long-term loans and financing based on collaterals of real assets or equity (for pre-IPO companies) that allow companies in operation to finance the working capital required for their growth.

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