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Our Philosophy

Be a True Partner

We believe in the industry and its potential, as well as companies and entrepreneurs who are involved in the industry and aspire to reach a global scale.

Therefore, we support with funding and providing knowledge to their operations, allowing them to grow in an accelerated way and achieve optimal levels of development and efficiency

We believe in the industry

We believe in the value the medical cannabis industry can add to humanity, so we offer financing lines specifically designed for the development of this industry

Always add value

We know the challenges involved in a high-growth industry, so we see ourselves as a key piece in the chain that allows the fast financing of the assets required for the operation of the medical cannabis industry.

We are sponsors

We believe and seek to contribute to the long-term success of the companies to which we offer financing lines, so we put at your disposal our network of experts, investors and international partners, so that leverage the growth of the Latin American medical cannabis companies worldwide.

We believe in the long term

The development and industry of medical cannabis worldwide is in full development and is here to stay. In the same way, we seek to create long-term relationships with companies, since we are in this industry to stay and focus on the long term.

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